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Master’s Degree Program in Molecular Medicine



Division of Physiology and Pharmacology

The division of Physiology and Pharmacology encourages integrated interdisciplinary approaches and offers courses in both basic subjects (Physiology, Pharmacology, and anatomy), and specialized courses (neurosciences, circulatory system, and respiratory system). Research topics in this division include physiological and pharmacological study of the nervous, endocrine, respiratory or cardiovascular system, and molecular mechanisms of aging, cancer, diabetes, drug addiction, along with research to advance drug delivery using nanotechnology.

English name Chinese name Laboratory
Jin-Chung Chen 陳景宗 Neuropharmacology Laboratory
Shu-Ling Liang 梁淑鈴 Astroglial Electrophysiology Laboratory
Juu-Chin Lu 盧主欽 Molecular Endocrinology & Metabolism Laboratory
Yunn-Hwa Ma 馬蘊華 Pharmacology Laboratory
Tzu-Hao Wang 王子豪
Chung-Pu Wu 吳宗圃 Cancer Biology Laboratory
Chuen-Mao Yang 楊春茂 Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory