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Division of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology

The Biochemistry & Cellular Molecular Biology division offers a broad range of biomedical and basic research topics using the analytical tools of biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and proteomics, as well as model organisms including yeast, Dropsophila, Zebra fish, and mice. The research interests of the faculty members include DNA replication, gene regulation, cell differentiation, neural development, protein chemistry, signal transduction, tumor biology, and molecular epidemiology. Courses are desgined to build a solid foundation in biochemistry, molecular, and cell biology.


English name Chinese name Laboratory
Chuck C.-K. Chao 趙清貴

腫瘤細胞研究室  Tumor Biology Laboratory

Yi-Chuan Cheng 鄭邑荃 神經發育與腫瘤研究室 Neurodevelopment Laboratory
Jim-Tong Horn 洪錦堂 細胞生物學研究室  Cell Biology Laboratory
Sheng-Chieh Hsu 許勝傑 分子細胞與腫瘤研究室  Molecular and Cellular Biology, Cancer biology
Po-Yuan Ke 柯博元 細胞壓力反應之分子機制研究室 Stress Response & Molecular Mechanism Laboratory
Kwang-Huei Lin 林光輝 基因調控研究室  Gene Regulation Laboratory
Li-Mei Pai 白麗美 發育研究室     Developmental Biology
Scott C. Schuyler 曲   桐 細胞與分子生物研究室 Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory
Bertrand Tan 譚賢明 染色質與表觀基因體學實驗室
Biochemistry, Proteomics, Molecular Cellular Biology
Jau-Song Yu 余兆松 訊息傳遞研究室 Signal Transduction Biology Laboratory