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Master’s Degree Program in Molecular Medicine


Educational Resources & Research Activities 1

Master's Degree Program in Molecular Medicine (GPMM) education POLICY

Name: As approved by the Ministry of Education, the official name of the institute is "Master’s Degree Program in Molecular Medicine" (hereinafter referred to as GPMM), Chang Gung University.

Purpose: The purpose of the GPMM is to foster and educate students to be professional and independent biomedical scientists that can integrate theoretical and practical knowledge.

Organization: The GPMM consists of a Director and various committees. The Director is responsible for the overall management, the coordination of related business and the representation of the institute. Each committee is responsible for the education policy, the development and implementation of curriculum and educational work.

Revisions of regulations: Any revision of regulations shall be approved by the Institute Committee and published in the GPMM website (http://GPMM.cgu.edu.tw/). Please follow the most updated version.

Program Courses [ 2015-11-04 ]